Monday, January 11, 2016

So it’s 2016 and with a new year come a new resolution right? Well I’m not good at resolutions so let’s call it something different, how about we call it a “New Year’s Strive”.

Before I get to the my goals for the hobby of card collecting, I’d like to reflect over this past year and how I had a reintroduction of the joy that collecting has provided me. Since I reconnected with my collection for my childhood I have traded those cards with a multitude of people. I have been able to close a few Astros sets and with every set I close I learn about a different set that I don’t have cards for and then it becomes the more I want.

Now I’ve read on some blogs that other collectors get over their head in their collections and have to start thinning out their inventory. I’m sure that some day I may get there, but today is not that day. In fact I’ve been in wonder lust of a want list that I read about on His binder of Braves players in the background sounds like it would be so much fun. So I’m officially stating here that I will start this binder (with Astros of course) as soon as I get home tomorrow.

So that is my first “Strive” for the New Year. My second is that I plan on giving recognition to the bloggers that I trade with. So many people in the blogosphere have contributed to my collection with some amazing cards that they deserve my praise and display.

Now that I’ve stated my goals for the New Year (I know it’s only 2, but “baby steps” right) I’m counting on all of you to me accountable in these “Strives”.

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  1. Trevor -- Can you e-mail me your address so that I can send you some Astros? Thanks.