Sunday, September 13, 2015


There comes a point in every relationship where one party needs to let the other party know their feeling and to see if those feeling are reciprocated. This conversation is known as the “DTR” (Define The Relationship). I’m inviting everyone out there to join in on my DTR with this blog and with my collection, but first some history in the form of a back-story.

Now my story is no different from any of yours out there. I started collecting in grade school in the late 80’s early 90’s and was told to hold on to these cards cause they were an investment. I was never in the hobby for the money, but for the love of the sport of Baseball. That is until the major league strike of 1994-95. At this moment my young mind I couldn’t fathom that athletes’ that were playing the greatest sport on Earth wanted to be compensated nominally for something that 12 year old me would do for free. For the record 33 year old me sees how ridiculous my younger logic was. So my collection and love for the game took a break for 20 years.

Fast forward to my 32 Birthday were my Wife surprises with tickets to a Houston Astros game. There was something about watching a live game, sitting behind the third base line drinking a beer and eating a hot dog that renewed my love for the game. I was hooked and being that I now lived in Houston I had a team. It wasn’t until I visited my folks for Christmas last year that I got back together with my collection. (My Pops wants me to take one item from my high school bedroom every time I come home so they can gain the storage.) At first I was going to use it for all the riches that I was told would be waiting for me if I let the collection mature. I later found out while searching Google that I collected in the Junk Wax Era and I basically had squat.

Devastated that my boyhood investment was a dud, I did what any self respecting man-child would do and found out how I could start trading my collection for cards that I wanted and since I had a new love for the sport of Baseball and a home team to support, I started trading for every card from The ‘Stros I can get my hands on.

This brings you up to date with my intentions for my collection. The intentions for this Blog are to hold my up to date wants list, to meet other collectors/trade with them and to just talk shop. As for the name “Juice Box Baseball” I feel that since this rekindle began at Minute Made Park (the juice box) then it should get the recognition.

Thanks for Stopping By,